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Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are a wonderful way to decorate your yard and garden. They can add a unique touch of whimsy to your property while attracting beautiful birds that bring your yard and garden to life with splashes of color and nature’s music. This adds an element that cannot be achieved with flowers and plants alone. Birds also bring a sense of joy and pleasure to your yard that draws you into the great outdoors.

Today, there are a wide variety of whimsical bird feeders available. Add a window feeder to large windows for easy viewing of the feathered friends that visit your yard. There’s nothing so breathtaking as watching cardinals feed at your window on a cold winter day with a backdrop of freshly fallen snow as a backdrop.

Platform feeders look great alongside a bird bath in your yard where creeping vines twist and turn on a nearby fence or trellis. The vines give the birds a sense of security while giving your yard a rustic look.

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