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Cat Lover Gifts

Cats are among the most popular pets in America, partly because they are a “portable” indoor animal that doesn’t need a tree and a big yard to keep them fit and happy. Give them a litter box, a can opener and a human slave and they’re purr-fectly happy to live in an apartment.

Some people find it hard to understand what makes cat lovers tick, since cats themselves are snooty, independent, and if looks could kill, their owners would be dropping like flies for not opening cans of tuna instead of a box of chow. Instead, you’ll find your feline fanatic friends carrying photos of Fritz, snapshots of Sam and collecting almost everything known to Man, that is cat related.

This is good news, believe it or not. It sure makes buying cat lover gifts, easy! Let’s start outside the home and then zoom in closer.

Need a present for an office exchange and you drew the name of someone that wears cat hair with pride? Coffee mugs with humorous sayings are always a good choice. Just be careful of how “catty” the motto is, and that their claws aren’t out while unwrapping it! Desk items are a great choice too, and come in dozens of fun designs for such things as cell phone holders, tape dispensers, staplers, note pad holders and cat themed picture frames.

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