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Decorative Birdhouses

You know how some people devotedly collect those Dickens’ village house and display them every Christmas, and quite often, year round? Well, there’s a new village in town so to speak, and the residences are really for the birds.

Decorative birdhouses have caught on as a simple and colorful way to brighten up your yard. Depending on the places available to put them, they can hang from a tree limb, a bracket, or be mounted on a fence post, the side of the garage or top of a clothesline pole.

Remember though when choosing decorative birdhouses, that they are generally meant for more than an accessory. If you truly want to attract birds, you’ll have to give some thought to the species that inhabit your area, and what their nesting patterns are. Many birds will not go to a hanging house that moves in the wind. That means round shapes or others with long roof or other extensions may not be feasible for nailing against a flat surface.

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