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Decorative Flags

There’s a new wave of home decorating accessories for outdoor use washing over the nation, and some of them will do a little waving themselves. First up the mast, are house and garden flags.

Flags have been an integral part of world cultures for over 3,000 years, so it’s little wonder they eventually made their way to the home front. But who was the first country to hoist one up the pole?

Actually, nobody is really sure. The flag is often attributed to the Chinese, with protests from India, and a relatively solid claim from Ancient Rome. What is known is that the concept of flags grew out of pieces of material, in the beginning solid colors that were waved about for some purpose of identification. In Roman times, they did not have the gaily decorated standards that are seen in so many movies. They had the standard, yes, but not until somewhere around the reign of Augustus Caesar (63BC-14BC) did a Scythian military unit march forth with a dragon standard that had a movable tail, and thus was born the banner, precursor to flags, and on a pole, too!

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