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Easter Decorations

Which came first – the rabbit, the chick or the egg? Wait a minute…what is a rabbit doing in the equation? Well, it’s Easter, and some “bunny” threw a “hare” into the works and now Easter Decorations have what seems to be an unmatched trio. But are they?

Easter is by Nature and the Christian faith, a time of renewal, new growth, and the beginning once more of the cycle of life, including the season for flowers, crops and the birthing of new offspring in the wild. That recognition by Man was made thousands of years ago, and as a result, eggs became part of fertility rites and ceremonies dedicated to what we know as Spring. One of the first cultures to practice this was the Ancient Egyptians, followed by the Romans and Greeks.

We’re still looking for the rabbit though. He wouldn’t hop onto the scene until sometime later, but his origin dates back to at least the seventh century. It was just about that time that the worship of the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre had begun to fade. The English pagans following the cycles of nature, attributed her with powers associated with rebirth and growth, celebrating her festival in the Spring month that began with a new moon, Eostur. Saint Bede, a venerated monk known as the father of English history recorded her story in the early eighth century. But having faded from view, her existence was greeted with some skepticism.

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