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Floor Decor

Decorating a living room is likely one of the largest and most complicated jobs that you’ll undertake in your home or apartment. Unless there is a family room or den where you spend a lot of hours, this will be the room that you are in more than any other, and also where you will host family gatherings, or welcome visitors. Once you are done with the time-consuming tasks of finishing your floors, or painting and papering walls, and have re-placed your furniture and window drapes or blinds, there will be time to step back and ask yourself what you could add to the floor décor.

Working on a budget is not a problem, even if you have a hankering for something really nice on the floor. Discount oriental rugs are stunning additions to scatter throughout a large room, or to place in front of a couch or loveseat in smaller rooms. Their intricate patterns, and raised gold braid are reminiscent of the original imports so beloved by our ancestors.

The smallest touches in a room, are also the ones that finish off a particular look or atmosphere that you are trying to create. That’s why such seemingly minor things like floor lamps or flower vases, can be an important part of your whole decor.

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