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Garden Flags

A little something extra, waving in the breeze, can add a touch of color and style to your patio and flowerbeds. They’re decorative garden flags, and you’ll love the patterns and pictures that can be purchased for year-round use.

Garden flags are a smaller version of the highly popular decorative house flags, but average 12” x 18” in size. They’re the perfect accent for a rock garden, a shaded corner of the yard where only greenery grows, or as an attractive decoration on the edge of your patio.

The choice of images is unlimited, with hundreds of delightful floral pictures, reproductions of paintings, and nature subjects, including baby animals, flowers, or waterfalls. The flags may be hand-painted, screened, or deep-dyed for durability to ultra violet rays, and will generally be made of nylon, although some special editions are hand-sewn in cotton fabric.

Decorative garden flags look great paired on either side of a path, driveway, or the front door. They’re easy to mount with the variety of hardware available for displaying your favorites.

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