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Garden Furniture

A popular and very beautiful addition to your outdoor decor, is the arbor. While they are often crafted in wood, the metal ones are generally more durable and less likely to be damaged by weather extremes or the constant overgrowth of plants.

Arbors are a somewhat truncated version of the pergola, which was originally a Latin word that mean "projecting eave". Pergolas are a long, covered walkway, which is built of narrow laths and open spaces that are eventually covered by whatever vines or plants are trained to grow up the sides and over the top. The arbors of today are strictly a decorative touch that can be placed like a gateway at the top of a garden, start of a path, or anywhere at all on the lawn. Depending on your growing season and soil, you can train clematis, morning glories, roses and bougainvillea to cover it in a glorious blanket of flowers. Passing underneath it is a treat, but so is sitting on a bench placed inside!

Trellises are also very popular for helping to brighten up your home with the help of ivy or climbing plants that bloom. These too are frequently made of wood, and also vinyl, but you may find that wrought iron or other metal is more durable, particularly if you plan to leave it outside year round. If you’re creating an antique garden party setting with arbors and fountains, you might like to choose a trellis that matches the arbor.

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