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Home Decor Ideas

This section contains home decor ideas for just about every room in your house. Please browse our selection of unique informational articles to find the hints you need to complete or even start your new decor.

Unless you have unlimited funds, a move or redecorating generally means keeping the large items in your home décor, and choosing accessories to make the most out of what you have. And that’s surprisingly easy, once you put some thought into what look you want to achieve, and your options for doing it.

Remember too, that decorating needn’t be done in a rush, or all at once. If you’ve decided what little touches would make a particular room complete, then take your time finding just the right ones. Sometimes that means browsing online stores, or visiting flea markets where you can find treasures like a spindle leg side table for the hallway that you can strip, and paint white, for the Shabby Chic look.

Whatever your decorating plans, take one room at a time, and plan how you would like it to look. Take into account the main pieces of furniture you have, (and this applies to any room) and then decide whether you want to accent that, complement it, or match it in tones and texture.

In the living room, if you have a leather, or earth tone couch and chairs, you might wish to stay with a natural or outdoor look. Choose something in light beige or cream for the walls, then lay down some accent rugs that pick up the main color of the furniture. Add wood end tables, plant tables, and picture frames. Stay with the natural appearance by adding potted plants, and a table top fountain that can be placed on the coffee table. Wall mirrors, and decorative clocks can also be found in warm, wood frames, or metallic gold mountings for a contrast.

If you’d rather create a look that stands out for its dash and pizazz, then match your major room features, such as the furniture, throw rugs, and curtains. Then add contrasting touches, such as decorative pillows in bright jewel tones. Multi-level plant stands can hold a selection of vases or figurines in colors to match the pillows. Table lamps can also be coordinated with either the primary or complementary colors to complete the harmony of color in your décor.

As a final touch to any room you’re decorating, add a bit of yourself! In a living room or family room, use corner shelves and curio cabinets to display your collections of angel figurines or Civil War era chess sets. Try a multi-level plant stand with different sized photo frames, to keep your loved ones close to you. For the den, put a set of bookends on the desk or shelf to hold your favorite hobby books. Decor ideas are as close as the things you love, and as simple as loving how your home looks.

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