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House Flags

A lot of homeowners who would like to display “Old Glory” for the Fourth of July, but don’t have a flagpole, have discovered the advantages of using a house flag instead of the traditional kind that has to be run up a lanyard.

Not everyone has the room or inclination to anchor the right kind of pole in their yard. And unless you’re going to fly the flag year round, it may not be worth the effort or cost. On the other hand, you can be patriotic in July, and dress up your home with house flags for every season, occasion or special holiday, whenever you like! They’re inexpensive, highly decorative, and allow you to make striking changes to your outdoor décor with just a switch of one house flag for another.

Strictly speaking, house flags are for more than just the house. With the right bracket for the way you want it displayed, house flags can add a new dimension to the fence, a post, the side of the garage, or even the clothes line pole.

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