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Rooster Kitchen Decor

Enter any French kitchen, and the first thing you are likely to see is a brightly colored rooster. Roosters create a country feel in any kitchen, and creating a rooster themed kitchen adds warm and depth to your home in many ways.

How did the rooster get to be such a kitchen icon? Although no one knows for sure, it probably has to do with the mating ritual of roosters and chickens. When a rooster finds a new food source, he loudly calls for the hens to come running. Hens flock to the call and eat – he can then mount them and fertilize their eggs. This evokes an image of calling your family to the dinner table. Farm kitchens also have been known throughout time for serving hearty meals to hungry farm hands – a rooster is a common farm symbol. The rooster is also a very proud and colorful animal, adding a proud ambiance to your kitchen as well as a splash of color. If you are proud of your cooking, a rooster theme will crow your pride to the world!

If you have ever lived near a farm, you also know that one of the rooster’s main jobs is waking up the farm with his loud crowing at sunrise. A rooster in your kitchen symbolizes morning and a fresh start with a new day.

Adding a rooster theme to your kitchen is both easy and fun. Kitchen towels, placemats, and table cloths with a rooster theme are plentiful, as are pot holders, trivets, dishes, and even furniture. If you are decorating with a French country theme, you can showcase your roosters by using brightly colored fabrics for lamp shades, table cloths, and curtains. French language wall hangings can be used to complete the theme.

Other rooster decor items that are popular for kitchen decor include rooster doorstops, cookie jars, canisters, appliance covers, and silverware. Why not add a rooster figurine collection to your hutch cupboard as well?

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