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Shower Curtains

The beauty and style of a bathroom does not always come from the lines and function of the hardware. More often, the theme and design of a bathroom is found in the shower curtain and related accessories.

A shower curtain serves a dual purpose. It protects the bathroom from water while the shower is in use, and at the same time, is decorative in nature. Most designs offer privacy to the bather as well. Some shower curtains are essentially functional with little or no design element, while others are a combination of liner for a protective layer and a themed curtain that greatly contribute to the overall bathroom design.

Options for shower curtain designs are almost limitless. Any conceivable fabric pattern can be used on a shower curtain – in fact, custom and designer shower curtains utilize fabrics one wouldn’t traditionally consider suitable for the bathroom. Shower curtains today range from affordable designs with basic fabric to deluxe and designer brands that are often available with other bathroom accessories.

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