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Storage Containers

One of the biggest challenges for kitchen décor is to find storage containers that are both decorative and functional. As the most frequently used room in the house, the kitchen is home to many different types of items. Many items frequently stored in the kitchen are housed in drawers and cabinets. Other items are stored in the refrigerator and in decorative containers on countertops and shelving units.

Kitchen canisters are often displayed on countertops. They serve the purpose of holding various types of kitchen supplies, including: flour, sugar, coffee, pasta, dried beans, and other edible items. There are many different styles of canisters, ranging from clear glass containers with ornate lids to stoneware canisters that coordinate with stoneware dishes stored in the cabinets or in display in a hutch. There are even simple plastic canisters that are meant to be kept in the pantry rather than being displayed in the kitchen. When selecting kitchen canisters, it’s important to verify that the lids are airtight so that stored food remains fresh as long as possible.

An attractive spice rack can make a lovely countertop display, as well as save valuable storage space in your cabinets or pantry. Stainless steel and wooden spice racks that hold glass spice jars are two of the most popular styles of spice racks. These useful and decorative elements are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from those that can accommodate a few basic jars of spices to large racks that can house a large collection of spices.

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