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Tree Faces

One of the funniest and most amusing outdoor decor items to come along in the last few years, has got to be the new look in trees. They’re tree faces that literally look right back at you!

Tree faces are made in a variety of ways, and in a range of materials. Deciding which ones are the best for your trees, may depend on the detail in execution, or the realism that the material and design gives them.

There are tree faces that come as wraparounds, which are printed on weather resistant vinyl that wraps around the tree. While these are an absolutely flat surface, some of them have the design imprinted in such a way that it creates an illusion of 3-D features on the face. The chief attraction of this type of tree face, is they are usually the least expensive, and they are very easy to install or remove. The downside is that the finish causes light to bounce off them, which takes away from the realistic appearance. That means some of the after dark tricks that can be used with other styles, are not all that much fun for these models.

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