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Wall Fountains

Reproductions of historical relics add a distinguished note to your home decor, and they’re more than reasonably priced thanks to modern production methods. Wall fountains are one of these interesting items that are enjoying a surge in popularity for use indoors and outdoors.

Romans were the first society to actually create an organized way to deliver water to the villas and palaces of their cities. While modern Man may gripe about their water bill or tax, the Romans were light years ahead of today’s bureaucrats when they billed each household by the size of the nozzle on the pipes laid to that residence. Of course, such public sources as wall fountains, were free for all, although their appearance was often fearsome.

Water piped through city walls in Rome, spouted from the mouths of lions, an animal revered for its courage and strength. So popular were the leonine figures, that even centuries later, they continued to decorate public and private buildings in countries all over the world. Sadly, many of these original sculpted fountains deteriorated due to the elements and have vanished from the landscape.

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